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MyPeanut Organic Baby Food ‐ Sweet Potatoes, Pears & Peanuts

6 months & up

NOURISH YOUR BABY ‐ Our certified organic, non-GMO baby food starts with whole ingredients like real fruits, veggies & nuts providing babies what they need to grow healthy & strong.

BENEFITS TO LOVE ‐ We enrich our organic fruit & veggie blends with healthful nuts to enhance nutrition.

YUMMY ‐ Our tasty recipes are made from real foods with no added sugar and are sure to delight both babies & tots.

PLANT PROTEIN ‐ Nuts are nutrient dense, providing babies with fiber & healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, plus they are among the best sources of plant protein.

GOOD FOR BABY ‐ Eating a plant-rich diet is not just good for baby; it is good for the planet!